Monday, July 13, 2009

Food Bits - Orleagian Snowballs

There are many magical things about New Orleans, but the snowball, or what those outside of Orleans Parish call a snowcone, is the city's true treasure for sweltering residents during the Dog Days of summer.

My fondest memory of frozen glory came via a visit to Plum Snowball on a July 4th weekend trip to see my sister Debbie during her time with the Anton Heart Gallery. Digging into a giant mound of Coconut-flavored goodness, served in a Chinese takeout carton, was the perfect escape from the the kind of hot n' sticky that defines New Orleans in the summer.

You can live out your own snowball fantasy right here in Atlanta with a visit to Orleagian Snowballs. Proprietor Kenneth Woodfin relocated to the ATL post-Katrina and his little green and white trailer had make a mark on Midtown ever since.

The stand recently moved to the Exxon at the intersection of Ponce and Moreland near Little 5 Points after several seasons in Ansley. Look for the line of folks most any time of day (hours are 1 PM - 8 PM daily) queued for a perfectly formed frozen delight served with spoon, straw and secret gummy bear.

What flavor? You need to deal with this issue on your own. For me it is all about Dreamsicle. If you are looking for a real experience get yours drizzle with condensed milk and plant yourself on the bench. Relish the jealous looks from all the commuters whizzing by, wishing they were you!

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