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Monday, December 17, 2018

Best of 2018

Album of the Year – Khruangbin, Con Todo El Mundo

Atlanta Sandwich of the Year - Country Ham and Brie, Recess

Coffee Shop of the Year – Snowing in Space, Charlottesville, VA

Record Store of the Year – M-Theory, San Diego, CA


Book of the Year - The Field of Blood: Violence in Congress and the Road to Civil War


 YouTube Find of the Year – Beware of Mr. Baker

Kid Art of the Year – Whalein' (Inspired by 08/16/69 Soul Sacrifice)

Song of the Year – Abstractum Belladonna by Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel


Pocket Knife of the Year – A. G. Russell Carbon Fiber Mid-Lock Folder

Podcast of the Year - The Bitter Southerner Podcast

Ice Cream of the Year – Oreo Bowl, iDessert by Jean-Philippe

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Transportation of the Year – Bird Scooter (with helmet)

Gadget of the Year – Pavlok Shock Bracelet

     Chops of the Year – Rhythm Future Quartet
Grand Marshall of the Year - Dr. Victor Polizos

Outdoor Adventure of the Year – No Taste Like Home Foraging Tour Ashville, NC

Southern Thing of the Year - Hutchinson's Finest Biscuits Delivery Service

Botanical Achievement of the Year – Bumper Crop of Celeste Figs

Pastry of the Year – Palmiers at La Calavera Bakery, Decatur, GA

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Business Book of the Year - Subscribed

Atlanta Crust of the Year - Margherita In Detroit Pizza, Nina and Rafi 

ATL Street Art of the Year – Shimmering Ghosts 

Word of the Year - Tsundoku

Time Waster of the Year - History of Cartography Online Edition

Americana of the Year – Weather Vanes at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Poignancy of the Year – The Lesson of the Château de Calberte

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

20 Years In Inman Park

Shannon and I moved into our home on Ashland Avenue on December 5, 1998!  Huge thanks to Betsy Butler for closing the deal and the amazing community that has seen us through two renovations, two kids, and lots of adventure in between. 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Best of 2017

Sandwich of the Year - Lobster Grilled Cheese, C-Ray Lobster (Bar Harbor, Maine)

YouTube Find of the Year - The Drummers of Frank Zappa

Alexa Skill of the Year - Audubon Society Bird Calls

Twitter Account of the Year - @Openculture

Family Thing of the Year – Grandmother Tee’s 1927 Flapper Christmas Card

Sing-along of the Year - Georgia on My Mind with Might Mo at the Fox

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Kid Pic of the Year - Will at CrossFit Decatur 

Surprise Encounter of the Year - Stanley Cup at the Black Rose Bar, Boston, MA

Thing That Most Impressed the Kids of the Year - Saturn 5 Rocket, Huntsville, AL

Inside Joke of the Year - "Susquehanna"

Read of the Year - The Gatekeepers

Music Thing of the Year - What's in Your Bag?

Scouting Moment of the Year - Medical Ethnobotany with Dr. Cassandra Quave

Podcast of the Year - Slow Burn

Southern Thing of the Year - Paducah, KY

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View of the Year - Grand Teton National Park

Atlanta Secret Place of the Year - Doll's Head Trail

Business Book of the Year - Building a Story Brand

Time Waster of the Year - Alan Lomax's Global Jukebox

Invention of the Year - G's Soup Cooler

Tragedy/Miracle/Zambi of the Year - Col. Bruce Hampton (Ret.)