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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Best of 2019

Hashtag of the Year - #Deerheadlife

Wildlife Encounter of the Year – Baby Manatee, Crystal River Florida


Book of the Year – Spying on the South

Covers of the Year – Jarrod Dickenson, Under a Texas Sky  

Kid Pic of the Year – Will with Pigeons

YouTube Find of the Year – Dick Cavett and Orson Wells

Mofongo of the Year
Punto de Vista, San Juan

Laughs of the Year – Rachel Mac

Southern Thing of the Year – Stanley Church

Business Book of the Year – Millennial Whisperer 


Atlanta Restaurant of the Year Truva Turkish Kitchen

 River Music of the Year – Wheelhouse Rousters

Time Waster of the Year – The Shack Project

Pimento Cheese Component of the Year – White Fox Leicester

Vintage Game of the Year – Electronic Mastermind

Reading Spot of the Year – Switchyards Inman Park Club

Atlanta Retailer of the Year – Archer Paper Goods

Logo of the Year – Ohlaf, Danish Bakery, Racine, WI

Podcast of the Year
Hard Times and Weirdness

Geocache of the Year – Taliaferro County, Georgia

Remembrance of the Year
Charles McLellan II

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Appalachian Trail Turns 75

Plaque Marking the Southern Terminus of the AT on Springer Mountain (via Jeff McMichael)

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the Appalachian Trail, the 2,184 mile foot path running through 14 states along a route connecting Springer Mountain, Georgia to  Mount Katahdin in Maine.   

The brainchild of naturalist Benton MacKaye, the white flashes on the trail guide through hikers who traverse the entire length of the trail as part of a six month trek.  For the rest of us, many portions of the trail are easily accessible for day hikes and weekend excursions.

Fall View of the AT Near the Trailhead at Woody Gap near Suches, Georgia

Georgians can enjoy the 75 miles of the trail in our state via park-and-walk access from several major roads.  Weekends are a busy time on the trail, so try to slip away on a weekday when you can.  Thanks to the members of the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club for their work maintaining the trail and its environs.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let These Be Guidestones to an Age of Reason

American Stonehenge: Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse

I just discovered this great article from Wired on the Georgia Guidestones. This mind blower is about two hours from Atlanta in rural Elberton, GA.  Shannon and I made the trip to Elberton about ten years ago and were taken aback by the mystery and enormity of the stones.  Check it out!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Georgia AT Plate - Almost to the Summit!

Word from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy is that Georgia is just a few applications away from securing its own AT license plate! Please apply now to get the AT represented on the road.

Not the outdoorsy type? Live vicariously through Collin Chamber as she completes the final days of her 2,179 mile hike from Georgia to the top of Mount Katahdin in Maine.