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Sunday, July 29, 2012

T-SPLOST Vote Critical for Atlanta

Tuesday's vote on the Regional Transportation Referendum for North Georgia is critical to the continued prosperity of all residents of the greater Atlanta area and our standing as a Global City.

I think Ted Turner summed it all up this morning in the AJC: Atlanta has grown, traffic congestion and too few transportation options have made Atlanta less appealing. As a result, too many businesses choose to locate in cities where getting around is not such a challenge. Funding a fair mix of road, transit, and other transportation projects will address this challenge, and help us build the city we want for us and for our children.

It is easy to shoot down big ideas. But small ideas aren’t the Atlanta way. They didn’t make us the capital of the South and they won’t lead us into a healthy and prosperous future.

Atlanta has to start somewhere and it doesn’t have time to waste. I’ll be voting “yes” Tuesday. If Atlanta isn’t moving forward, we are being left behind.

Please join me in voting yes for the initiative and investing in the future.