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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2,000 Miles for a Taco

I had a great time last week speaking to the Harvard Business School Alumni Chapter in Orange County. Perfect weather in SoCal and lots of great food finds, too.

Upon landing at LAX, I received this Tweet on my phone on the way to the rental car van:

NO LINE ALERT: LADERA HEIGHTS, where you AT? Your tacos are getting lonesome. And uneaten. @5640 S. Fairfax tiL 3PM!less than a minute ago via web

It was on! Less than fifteen minutes from the airport (with some help from Google Navigation) and I was face-to-face with the Korean Tacos of my dreams.

Pioneers of LA's tweet-and-follow food scene, Kogi BBQ runs its lunch trucks throughout greater LA and keeps a devoted group of followers hip to the day's locations via their web site and Twitter.

I went for a trio of pork, chicken and tofu tacos. The flavors were amazing - zesty and spicy proteins with a juxtaposition of the familiar corn tortilla and a drenching of Asian toppings.

I left my place on the park bench across from the van with a trail of taco juice from wrist to elbow of my left arm. A perfect welcome to California!

Want this kind of action in Atlanta? Follow the movement at Atlanta Food Carts and help make it happen!