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Monday, March 07, 2011

Cool Thing of the Month - OneUpMe.Com

I am more Angry Birds than  Miller Analogies Test, but over the past month I have become completely addicted to (shout out to David Black for turning me on).

The instructions for the site's keystone analogies game is straight forward:

Every weekday, a topic is posted consisting of a two-part phrase describing both a person and something else. For example, a post may be:
"He's like Stalinism: of Russian Descent"
or "She's like a walled city:
unnecessarily defensive."
Your goal is try to think of a more clever finish to the analogy.
For example, if the topic was
"She's like conditioning shampoo: multi-tasking"
you might respond with
"always making promises she couldn't keep"
or "
often found in hotel bathrooms."
After entering your one line riff, peruse the responses from an amazing assortment of poseurs and pedantry.  Vote Facebook-style via the Like button associated with each response.  Double entendre runs a muck in the game, much of it hilarious, but the top entries each day are always brilliant.

Check it out!

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