Monday, March 23, 2009

The Brian Lamb Experience

For as long as I can remember Sunday nights have been about CSPAN Founder Brain Lamb's interviews. If you are looking for unique insights into Americans and American History just tune to CSPAN at 8:00 PM EST any Sunday.

From 1989 until 2004 Brian recorded over 800, one hour interviews for his unique Booknotes series. These interviews, encapsulated in four micro-chapter books, offer incredible insights from the great writers and historians of the 20th century and many up and comers with interest in overlooked or under appreciated facets of American History. Look for repeats on Book TV or watch some wide-lapel videos on the Booknotes website or on iTunes.

Brian's new interview show, Q&A, includes an incredible array of guests from all walks of life. While the interviews still have a heavy leading towards politics, you never know who will be on the simple, two chair set for an intimate one-hour exchange.

What makes both of these programs so interesting is Brian's ego-free, no holds bar interview style. This is a man who has never uttered his own name aloud on the air in 30 years on TV.

So join for me the best show on TV or, as I often do now, catch the programs a week or so after release as free podcasts.

Need more than an hour's entertainment on a Sunday night? Check out Prime Minster's Questions after Q&A every week Parliament is in session.

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