Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day in the Big D

A quick trip to Dallas brings me to the new Aloft Hotel, a spin off the W Hotel chain. If you can get past the over enthusiastic "Aloha" greeting as you enter the lobby you will find as hip a scene as you can expect in a business hotel. The property has a great bar area with hot appetizers, a small grab-and-go kitchen with an espresso machine and a central lobby with cool furniture and a fireplace.

My room is indeed loft-like. Lots of hardcore tech amenities and a copy of Spin magazine - what more do you want?

Tonight it was a bad take out salad, but the place not to miss in Dallas is Dimassi's. Thanks to Kari for hipping me to this amazing Mediterranean buffet several years back. This is one of my all time favorite lunch spots!

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