Sunday, February 15, 2009

Consumer Economy Alive and Well in 30307

My usual Saturday grocery trip turned into an adventure yesterday when I was unable to find a single parking space at the Whole Foods on Ponce.

Once I made it inside I saw people lined up eight deep at the cash registers with organic flowers, fee-trade chocolate and champagne. Romance lives, the cash register still rings!

I dropped my holdings of WFMI two years ago after a series of bad customer service experiences. As of January I am back in. Service level are way up, core commodities are running at everyday low prices and I have actually twice been given coupons. I think Wall Street has beaten Whole Foods down past thier due. Besides, I can't even get eye contact at Sevanada.

Natives know the development housing Home Depot and Whole Foods across from City Hall East was for many years the home the Atlanta Crackers pro baseball team. Want to see a hidden gem of Atlanta? Drive around the back of the development and check out the brass plaque beneath Atlanta's most famous Magnolia tree.

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