Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year on January 23 ushers in the Year of the Dragon.   From my trips to the fortune tellers I know my lucky element is Wood, so (I think) I am in good shape for the coming Black Water Dragon.  Sort out your own situation with a personal fortune telling for the New Year.

If you want to skip the stars and get straight to the Nian Gao and other goodies, the annual celebration at the Chinese Cultural Center in Chanblee, Georgia is the place to be (January 21-22).  The claustrophobic vibe in the tiny auditorium is part of the experience.  

Expect to hold your kids on your shoulders for the non-stop performances of traditional dance, drumming and drama that make this event a must.  Work your way around the perimeter of the auditorium for snacks and use the back entrance for fresh air and a fast exit once you are stuffed.

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