Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank Every Day of the Year with We&Co

Happy Thanksgiving! While you are coming down from the feast, take a few minutes to check out We &Co, the smartphone home of all things thanking. This start up powers an iPhone app and website allowing customers to recognize great service and good vibes from the staff of a business. 

 Here in Atlanta, We&Co is in full swing in many restaurants, coffee shops, bars and independent retailers.  We and Co's app is fueled via the Foursquare API, with a user interface that is fun and endearing (look for the magic moment that seals each of your shout outs).  While I believe We&Co is a brilliant outcropping of the new business ideals spilling out of The Thank You Economy and We First, it is foremost just a great way to give a little appreciation to folks working hard in your community.

So, who did you thank today?

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