Monday, April 19, 2010

High on Cars

The Allure of the Automobile, the High Museum's latest big game exhibition, is a jaw dropper. The eighteen cars in the exhibit, each a masterpiece of design and construction, combine to offer a unique narrative of America from the height of the Jazz Age through the peak of post war buzz.

On display through June 20, the craftsmanship and bleeding edge styling of the cars will dazzle anyone, including kids. Car lovers will literally be overwhelmed. Car czar Ken Gross selected the best know examples of each model selected for the show.

The installation of the show allows great views of each car and unintrusive signage details the historical context of each piece.

My usual advice for big shows at the museum is in effect. Tuesday is the museum's slowest day, weekends will always be crazy as are Thursday afternoons (Toddler Day). Using the stairs behind the main gift shop at the ticket counter makes you look cool and gets you around slow elevator lines.

My favorite ride is the 1935 Duesenberg Model JN Convertible Coupe. Drop a comment with your favorite.

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