Thursday, February 04, 2010

Social Media Week Tweak

While perhaps overshadowed by Groundhog Day, the first week of February is also Social Media Week. As I get more active in the Social Media community it is easy to forget that many folks are not knee deep in Tweetups and Poken exchanges.
Here are a few suggestions for those on the sidelines.
Grab a Seat – Even if you are not an active Twitter user, grab your ID now. As James Fallows reminded us this week, with the example of Justice Scalia, its not always fun having a surrogate on the Web.
Listen – Think it is arrogant to Google yourself? Take it to the next level anyway and setup a Google Alerts email report for every mention on the Internet of your company, your favorite restaurant or your loud neighbor.
I Don’t Know from Blogs – Just for kicks, poke around the web and find a well written, cool looking blog about a subject you enjoy. Leave a comment and you are instantly a social networker. Start at Blissful Glutton or Ropeadope in a pinch.
Get Your Jam On – Have a flashback by finding footage of your old favorites on YouTube or go all in and download the Barton Hall ’77 show from the massive Internet Archive site.
Back It Up – Once you are tweeting, networking on LinkedIn and swapping pics of the kids on Facebook, register with Backupify (free through Feb. 15) to have a permanent online back up of all of your social media exchanges.
Have another idea for the social media upstart? Leave a comment!

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