Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Art Bits - A Moment with Monet

The current Monet exhibit at the High Museum ends on August 23. This show, another example of the High's ability to organize micro events around recognized masterpieces, is not the Musée de l'Orangerie, but should not be missed by Atlantans.

The exhibit centers on the triptych Reflections of Clouds on the Water - Lily Pond from the Museum of Modern Art. Before entering the gallery holding these canvases, visitors receive a good background on Monet's later life and the context of his creation of the Water Lilies series.

My advice for these kinds of shows is always the same - be the first person in or the last person out. If you can find the time to avoid the tour groups and well meaning parents (I am one of these too on Thursday afternoons), you can arrange your own private audience with Monet. If only for a few minutes, make the effort to be alone with a palette of color that draws you the beauty of Giverny and the doors of abstract expressionism.

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