Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shots Fired in the 'hood

While Inman Park is now known for its Victorian homes and our spring festival, 145 years ago today the neighborhood was the epicenter of the Battle of Atlanta.

The battle, commemorated in the massive panoramic painting Atlanta Cyclorama, was a major defeat for the vastly outnumbered Confederate forces under John Hood. Nine thousand men died on the battlefield that day, including Union general James McPherson.

The events of July 22 foretold the fall of Atlanta on September 2, 1864. Atlanta would then become the trail head for Sherman's March to the Sea, the revolutionary tactic of total war that broke the spine of the Confederacy.

Visitors to Inman Park can commemorate the battle with a stop at Springvale Park. Civil War buffs will want to see the amazing collections in the Atlanta History Center, stop by Oakland Cemetery, and make the run to Grant Park for the experience of rotating around the Cyclorama.

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