Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Boarding Passes in Your Blackberry

As reported in Executive Travel Magazine this week:

Passengers traveling out of Salt Lake City on Delta, Northwest or Delta Connection can now use so-called paperless boarding passes, and Delta will expand the option this week to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport as well. And American Airlines last week expanded its paperless boarding pass option to three more airports: Las Vegas, Atlanta and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Various airlines have introduced paperless boarding pass technology at a number of airports, in cooperation with the Transportation Security Administration. Passengers who want to use this option will need a Web-enabled mobile device; when they check in online, they can select to download their boarding pass to the device.

The boarding pass will show up on the screen of the device as a bar code-type pattern, which will be scanned at the airport by a TSA agent when the passenger’s ID is checked. The electronic boarding pass is also scanned at the gate prior to boarding.

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