Friday, February 27, 2009

Food Bits – Carver’s Grocery

Yesterday I had the double pleasure of seeing my college friend Samantha for the first time in years and chowing down at Carver’s Grocery. Samantha has become a rock star/super mom/attorney; Carver’s remains exactly the same.

If you can deal with the out of the way location, communal dining, and the Sigma Chi Alumni Weekend attendee clientele, Carver’s will offer you the consistently best Southern food in the City of Atlanta. Given my annual collard green consumption this is an accolade I take seriously.

A cafeteria setting in what I presume was an old neighborhood corner shop, Carver’s has a fast pace considering the old-school grub it serves. Line up in our out of the building, choose from eight or so meats and twenty-odd vegetables, grab a sweet tea (no non-sweet in this establishment), and find a seat. While you partake a constant stream of waitresses/scooters circle the tiny dining space to fill your drink and work on getting you full and out the door.

Fight the power and have a long sit to enjoy sweet potatoes that will change your life and the world's best rutabaga. Pay up front (cash only) when you are ready and head out into the world outside this little treasure fortified for the rest of your day.

Want your kids to turn out like Sam? Its all about the Liberal Arts. Give Westminster College a visit. Go Blue Jays!

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