Saturday, December 20, 2014

Best of 2014

Website of the Year - Bitter Southerner  

The Pentecostal Serpent by Asher Elbein

YouTube Find of the Year - 
Reg Kehoe & his Marimba Queens

Book of the Year - Do Not Sell at Any Price

Late Night Grub of the Year - Red Arrow Diner 

Gig of the Year  - Christian McBride Trio at Birdland

Best New Thing in Inman Park - Krog Street Market
Via Krog Street Market Facebook Page 
Best Secret Place in Atlanta - Lullwater Power Station
Via Atlanta Trails

Couple of the Year - Michael Trent & Cary Ann Hearst

Best Thing from 20 years ago - Freebird at the Fox 

 Best App of 2014 - Blue Note 75 (for iPad)

Atlanta Taste of the Year - Poutine at General Muir

Runner-up - Green Tea Mochi at Ah-Ma's Kitchen

Runner-up - Raw Bar at Kimball House 

Tweet of the Year - John Lurie

Pie of the Year  - Garden and Gun Bourbon Pecan 

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Record Label of the Year - Dust-to-Digital

Costume of the Year - Edward Scissor Hands

Top Public Art of 2014 - Mi Casa, Your Casa

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Time Killer of the Year - The American Values Atlas 

Hokum of the Year - But They Got It Fixed Right On

Enigmatic Pic of the Year - Ethel with Turkey
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Friday, December 05, 2014

China's One-Child Policy

Excellent article today from Matthews Asia on the PRC's liberalization of the 1980 One-Child Policy and the general state of population growth in an increasing urbanized China.

"Last November, China’s Communist Party announced that the one-child policy would be relaxed by implementation of a policy in which families are permitted to have two children if either a husband or a wife is an only child. This marks a change from the previous rules which required both the husband and wife to be only children in order to qualify to have a second child.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, ending the one-child policy is unlikely to change the longer-term trend toward a lower fertility rate, as the pressures of modern life lead Chinese couples to have smaller families."

Friday, July 04, 2014

Twenty Years in Atlanta!

This month marks the start of my 20th year in the ATL!

It is a joy to be a part on this amazing community.  My thanks to the crew mentioned in my 15 yearpost for getting me here are these folks for keeping me going:

My amazing wife Shannon Graham, Sean Wood, Chad Elkins, We&Co, Hector and Leslie Santiago, King of Pops, Mark Redstrom and Rebecca Barrow, Montessori In Town families and staff, Dales Grados, Social Media Club Atlanta, Jeff Shelton, Judi Knight, Josh Moffitt, Team Shoutlet, Debbie Pohl, Alex Kaminsky, Matt Kelly, Jessica Hart and everyone at Team YP, David Williams, Atlanta Beltline, Pepin Owensby, the Atlanta start-up scene, Henry Alvarado, Greg Scott, Inman Park Security Patrol, Michelle Swanson, Yumbii Taco Truck, Jeff Diaz, Mosquito Teach and the army of amazing teachers, sitters, coaches and friends who have helped raise our youngins.